SocIal / Corporate responsIbIlIty

Social responsibility issues occupy an important place in the structure of ISR Holding’s work. Over the years of its existence, the holding has participated and continues to participate in numerous social and charitable events. The holding periodically provides humanitarian aid to those in need, supports its employees in their professional growth. ISR Holding considered it its duty and proudly offered its help during the 44-day war. The civilians who were affected by the bombing were provided with the necessary clothing by Retail Group Azerbaijan, as well as humanitarian aid.

The holding also participates in environmental projects. Offices are equipped with special containers for recycling paper, and the use of printed documents has been reduced to a minimum. The company also participates in environmental projects organized by the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources. For example, on August 12, the holding and its member companies took part in cleaning up the coastline on the occasion of Caspian Day.