As known October is globally designated as a Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

This year traditionally a number of companies within the structure of the ISR Holding in collaboration with the National Oncology Center (MOM), and RIIB, have joined in organizing information dissemination and awareness campaigns about this disease within the framework of their social responsibility programs.

Thus, informative materials and pink ribbons symbolizing the global effort in raising awareness on breast cancer were distributed to participants of the awareness month events held in the number of world-famous brand’s stores represented in Azerbaijan by Cenomi Group Azerbaijan, as well as at the Hilton Baku Hotel.

The Azerbaijan Flowers Company known under the brand "Baku Roses" has also joined the initiative. The company, where most of the employees are women, has shown its support for the fight against breast cancer by wearing pink ribbons, demonstrating solidarity with all strong women battling breast cancer.
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