First time in Baku – 100% electric BYD bus!

The world-famous and one of the fastest-growing auto companies in the world - BYD is represented in Azerbaijan by Electrify Azerbaijan, under the wing of ISR Holding.

As one of the largest Chinese high-tech and auto brands, BYD has already established itself as a manufacturer of reliable, safe and stylish autos, as well as an advanced developer in the field of electronics, alternative energy, hybrid and electric transport vehicles. BYD electric buses can already be seen in some major European cities such as London, Amsterdam as well as in the cities of Hungary and Germany.

Development and production of eco-transport are one of the main directions of the company. As known, the issues of eco-friendly transportation are very relevant for our country and Azerbaijan has committed to cut GHG emissions by 35% by 2030 under the Paris Agreement.

Thus, for the first time, a new 100% electric zero-emission BYD bus will appear in the streets of Baku. This modern bus with a capacity of more than 80 people will allow both to provide quality transportation for citizens and to add bright colors to the landscape of the capital with its fresh design.

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Ⓒ ISR Holding